Welcome to professional development training by Mixonian Institute (est. 2009.)

Training through Mixonian Institute cutting-edge programs is highly interactive and develops critical thinking and creativity, as well as improving communication skills.

Our programs, whether it’s Engage Any Audience or Leading Global Teams, are intense and fast-paced.

Mixonian Institute specializes in communication skills training and coaching for technical professionals and technically-trained executives who serve global teams and/or clients.

Our clients are experts in leading technical domains, including software development, pharmaceutical manufacturing, analytical testing and international taxation. Our students are industry and community leaders, who are adept and agile amid constant industry and market change.

Leaders of top brands affirm that communication skills make the difference between good and great professionals. Given our multicultural and global marketplace, the ability to establish good interpersonal relationships and engage diverse audiences is the most-valued leadership skill.

About our Founder


Laura Camacho, PhD, used to think the problem was other people's poor communication.

Turns out people with great speaking, interpreting and listening skills, are more liked and successful.

In 2009 she founded the training firm, Mixonian Institute, to share the secrets of excellent interpersonal and presentation skills with a global audience.

The Latest Mixonian News


The Essential Message from a Movie Producer at Dig South

May 2, 2016

The Dig South “Doing Business Around the World” panel last week was loads of fun. It was exciting to know one member of our audience was originally from South Africa (and hence would recognize some of the photos in our background visual montage.) That was Christy Ashkettle, Operations Manager of Next Greenville and a friend of […]

Mixonian 7th birthday

The most persuasive word and what to do when it doesn’t work

April 18, 2016

Happy 7th Birthday to the Mixonian! This will not surprise you: according to Mind Gym, “Bite-sized learning is proved to produce 17 percent greater transfer and is 30 percent cheaper than a traditional approach, with less time out of the office and lower delivery costs. It also delivers twice the return on investment. Not only […]

Polish Starbucks 500x300

A more imaginative (and relaxed) approach to networking

April 4, 2016

In early March my absolute best networking buddy moved to Charlotte. I hope one day to find the grace to forgive her. Meanwhile life continues and we have all these amazing events in our beautiful town and now I have to go by myself. 🙁 Sometimes I find paint-by-numbers chitchat boring so naturally I use my 25 Imaginative Conversation Starters at […]