Welcome to professional development training by Mixonian Institute (est. 2009.)

Training through Mixonian Institute cutting-edge programs is highly interactive and develops critical thinking and creativity, as well as improving communication skills.

Our programs, whether it’s Engage Any Audience or Leading Global Teams, are intense and fast-paced.

Mixonian Institute specializes in communication skills training and coaching for technical professionals and technically-trained executives who serve global teams and/or clients.

Our clients are experts in leading technical domains, including software development, pharmaceutical manufacturing, analytical testing and international taxation. Our students are industry and community leaders, who are adept and agile amid constant industry and market change.

Leaders of top brands affirm that communication skills make the difference between good and great professionals. Given our multicultural and global marketplace, the ability to establish good interpersonal relationships and engage diverse audiences is the most-valued leadership skill.

About our Founder


Laura Camacho, PhD, used to think the problem was other people's poor communication.

Turns out people with great speaking, interpreting and listening skills, are more liked and successful.

In 2009 she founded the training firm, Mixonian Institute, to share the secrets of excellent interpersonal and presentation skills with a global audience.

The Latest Mixonian News


Make Your Message Stick… Like Sap, a Sappy Song or even Super Glue

September 19, 2016

Yep, the iOS upgrade 10 has raised the bar on text messaging and can help you get through an extended corporate drone presentation. Now is also a fabulous moment to upgrade your conversation…(even if your phone is Android.) Like GIFs and new emoticons, if done properly creative comparisons help people to tune in, understand and remember […]

Laura's Secret Process

Learn from the best: 12 media recommendations & a bit on Media Ecology

September 6, 2016

  During a delightful conversation with Dennis Cali and Rebecca Lamar Cali a few weeks ago, Dennis, chair of the Communication Department at UT-Tyler, introduced me to the meta discipline known as “media ecology.“ In a nutshell, media ecology is the sum of all the media forms and content (books, conversations, internet, television, movies, music, presentations, […]

photo by Crew

The Truth about Change and Your Career

August 22, 2016

  I recently changed my computer. #excited This change has been mostly free and easy, except for an hour I spent one morning trying to resize a photo. Nobody really likes change, unless you’re getting upgraded to First Class. As if on cue, the priest at the USC Catholic student center, Fr. Marcin (dropping off […]