A New Look at Communication

Talking versus Actually Saying Something

by Laura Mixon Camacho on April 19th, 2014

Some people get to the point too quickly (with no feedforward) and some never get to the point. After a recent talk a manager asked me an interesting question. "My girlfriend says I talk too much but I want to make sure she understands. Do you think I could be talking too much? What should I do?"


Well, if someone suggests that you talk too much, you probably do….out of habit. (Then again some of us have trouble thinking of things to say, which sometimes causes awkward moments at dinner parties.)


Fortunately, there’s an easy way to test if you talk too much, or if you’re carrying on more than your audience cares to hear. If you hear snoring, you’ve probably said too much. Here’s an easy intervention. Simply stop talking in the middle of your story.

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