Learn 3 Ways Luxury Brands Master Perceptions

April 16, 2018

If you’d rather listen, click below.   “Ordinary brands communicate in order to sell products to consumers. Luxury brands communicate in order to keep the dream alive in the minds of consumers.” Adriaan Brits, Luxury Brand Marketing: The globalization of luxury brand cults Borrow These 3 Ways Luxury Brands Master Perceptions Luxury brands are those where […]


5 Sure Signs You Lack Confidence

April 13, 2018

Most of us who have experienced periods of low self-confidence, are often not really been aware that we were coming across to other people as insecure. The vast majority of the women I work with do not self identify as lacking self confidence. They just hate public speaking. Or, they feel frustrated with results they’re getting in some area of their lives, but not really sure why.

Own the Room with 25 Imaginative Conversation Starters

April 9, 2018

If you prefer to listen, click below. To have a fascinating career, make bank, and have an impact….you must get yourself Out There (meaning out of your office.) Meet people outside your circle and own the room when you walk in. The reason you don’t do this now is that you don’t know what to say. You […]


Emotional Intel: You Don’t Have to Be Nice ALL the Time

April 2, 2018

“Such a nice young man.” “She’s such a nice lady.” I get concerned if I hear myself being described as a “nice lady.” Preferable adjectives (for those interested) include: agreeable, friendly, cheerful, funny, intelligent and positive. “Quirky” is also acceptable. “Nice” officially means “pleasing, agreeable, delightful”. Sounds good, right? The problem is, unofficially, “nice” means […]


Emotional Intel: What Jealousy Feelings Say About You

March 26, 2018

Prefer to listen? Click below. Emotional intelligence is about using your head to manage your own emotions and those of others. Emotions can be positive or negative, high intensity or low, but today’s competitive market demands emotionally intelligent leaders. For example, jealousy showed up at my office last week. I have had a huge business […]