Communication Skills Solve 3 Annoying “People” Problems

September 24, 2018

If you prefer you can listen to this post: Communication problems often masquerade as people problems. It’s all too easy to hide behind the problems of “difficult” people, rather than courageously improving your own communication skills. Communication skills can’t solve EVERYTHING, but they are as necessary to success in life as speed is to a racer. Soft […]


The One Thing You Can Do to Help Your Team Manage Stress … Without Xanax

September 17, 2018

  Thankfully, Mt. Pleasant, SC remains pleasant despite a week of dire warnings about Hurricane Florence. At first, Mixonian paid careful attention and mentally made prudent plans for all  “what  if” scenarios. We battened down the hatches,  packed up the dogs and evacuated to higher ground in Georgia. But once we had recovered from the […]


Don’t Let Data to Seduce You! Tell a Compelling Story

September 10, 2018

Here’s the audio version: Russian novelists are among the finest in the world. That’s why literature professors and self-styled intellectuals enjoy assigning them for papers or quoting from Tolstoy, Solzhenitsyn or Dostoevsky. Because their novels are nearly always 957+ pages long, most American students rely on the Cliff Notes version (I’m sure you NEVER did that!) Sadly, […]


Make The World a Better Place with Introductions

August 27, 2018

To listen to this message click below. Friends make life better. Even your professional life. Old friends. New ones. Connected friends. Thinker friends. Stylin’ friends. Talker friends. Pay it forward by making fresh introductions for them. Thank you, my friends! The growth of Mixonian Institute over the past 9.5 years is 100% thanks to my […]


5 Things To Keep Your Energy Insanely Positive (like DANCE!)

August 20, 2018

You’ve heard that everything is energy. I don’t get the science that well but it is clear that feeling higher energy makes you attractive, or even magnetic, while negative energy brings you, and everyone around you, down. People are always asking me how I stay so positive or how do I keep my energy so high. One big factor is that I sleep well at night. Here are 9 things to keep the winds in your sails, so you keep moving forward. (Remember it’s a process, Aristotle said excellence was the sum total of your habits, not a one-time event.)


9 Insanely-Fantastic Groove Keepers