Basic Anatomy of a Conversation (for Networking, Parties, etc.)

July 9, 2018

To listen click below.         If you could hear the things that people confess to me as a Communication Coach [which I will NEVER share under any type of torture], you might be surprised how many people [who appear to be perfectly normal extroverts] dislike networking. I hear adjectives like “awkward,” “slimy,” […]


Is Feedback Really The Breakfast of Champions?

June 25, 2018

If you prefer to listen, click below. Ruben and I just finished the second season of The Great British Baking Show. It’s such a great way to enjoy carbs, fancy Brit accents, and the elevation of amateur baking. But the BEST part is the laser specific and concise feedback from Paul and Mary, both champion […]


Relationship Catalyst: Notice More Listen Better

June 18, 2018

To listen, click below. As we all know, the higher up one moves on the food chain, the busier people are. Busy people are not likely to return calls and emails. That makes it hard to build relationships with them. As [my hero] Nassim Nicholas Taleb put it, If I were really powerful, I would never return a […]


Self-talk to Conquer Micro Adversities (aka Succeed at Life)

June 11, 2018

If you prefer to listen, click below.     Research from National Science Foundation shows the average person has between 12,000 and 60,000 thoughts per day. Of those, 80% are negative and 95% are exactly the same repetitive thoughts as the day before. What’s up with YOUR self-talk? 1. Your mindset determines your self-talk. This […]


3 Quick Moves for Audience Engagement…regardless of content

June 4, 2018

If you prefer to listen click below. You’re working like crazy to present your amazing message. . . . Is there any audience engagement? The thing is, telling is not selling. But you say, “Wait.  I’m the Director of All Fine Things or the  Data Analyst Extraordinaire, not a mere sales rep.” Actually, you are a […]