Crush Your Next High-Stakes Conversation

February 24, 2019

While any conversation is an opportunity to learn and to build relationships, some have more at stake: your next career step, a sale (earmarked for your orthodontist), financing your start-up, or that new hire all come to mind. If you think about it, most good things manifest through conversations. A high-stakes conversation is one where […]


Fixing Difficult People

February 16, 2019

What it takes to fix people Do people call you to fix their computers, their companies, their finances? I get calls to fix people: an unintended consequence of choosing to be a communication coach. The irony is that these difficult people that need “fixing” actually consider YOU to be the problem. You can’t actually fix […]


Things to Learn from the Well Connected

February 11, 2019

Quick, think about a person you consider to be well connected. Then as you read these things to learn from the well-connected, see if they match what you observe in this person. 4 Things To Learn from the Well Connected It took me awhile (years!) to realize that these well-connected people I knew were not […]


Looking for Your Point of View

February 2, 2019

You can have credentials and accomplishments up the wazoo, but if you don’t have a strong and clear Point of View, you’re still a credentialed and accomplished worker bee, not an industry leader. Problem is, clear Points of View can also get you in trouble. A participant in last week’s Executive Presence Challenge shared how […]


3 Truths You Need to Know About Pitching

January 26, 2019

Pitching Truth #1: You are always pitching. Whether encouraging your child to eat broccoli, pitching to major VC investors, or trying to nail that next promotion: you are always pitching. Pitching starts when a child realizes he can influence his environment, at least on occasion. Children pitch for ice cream, hugs, Harry Potter Hogwarts Great […]