I’m Laura Camacho and I’m a culture fixer. I help companies create a healthy culture and a better bottom line. #getcultured


Mixonian Institute delivers high-performance training solutions for national and international businesses in key areas, such as: growth mindset, effective communications, global team building, and emotional intelligence competency. Since 2009, the industries using Mixonian have included biotech, pharma, financial services, education and technology.

Our mission is to promote the next level of performance, whether to individuals, teams, or organizations in our VUCA world. (VUCA = volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous.)



“Communication occurs when anything makes an impression or influences an attitude.” Peter Rogen

Whether you have a new business, a new project or a new group to manage, the one crucial factor that determines its success is how well you can communicate it to others. With Mixonian Institute’s Leadership Coaching program you’ll develop and refine your persuasive communication skills. Learn specifically how to plan initiatives, make an effective pitch, build your network and be more visible in your organization and community.



Learn how to effectively interact with journalists and other members of the media during interviews and press conferences. Quality media appearances make it easy for you to close more deals, change minds, have better meetings and conference calls and be more at ease in a public role.

How ridiculous!

Pre-Speech Panic Solution

 About to give a big talk and feeling panicked?

In this 90-minute special strategy call with me, you'll be able to rehearse and go over your entire talk. We will talk over Zoom/Skype and you will get professional feedback and suggestions from me. Click below to schedule your call now.

Cost: $375 for one 90 minute call