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Laura Camacho Mixonian

Hi, I’m Laura and I’m a culture fixer. I help companies create a healthy culture with a better bottom line.

A company culture is made up of different, unique personalities. In a healthy company culture, employees are able to express their ideas, connect with others and be heard, even when they don’t agree on all issues.

The Latest CULTURED News

21 Charm Triggers To Use Right Now

September 1, 2020

Charisma is like a magic ingredient that makes people want to pay more attention to you. If you’ve ever been ignored, you know from that unpleasant experience that not everyone is trained in charisma. I learned charisma from my grandmother, who, even at age 95, is never without a gentleman caller. She has enjoyed quite the collection of marriage proposals and an enviable social life through the years!


People considered charismatic almost always enjoy more economic and romantic success. Charisma is tricky because it makes you a more compelling communicator, not necessarily a person of integrity, or even competent. Broken down, charisma is made up of presence, warmth and power.


You may have grown up with that powerful charm called charisma. (If so, stop reading now.) The good news is that anyone can become more charismatic (I’ve done it myself and helped clients do so!) with a few changes in how you think and present yourself.


7 Boardroom Ready Conversation Starters

July 9, 2020

No matter what your place in the organization, it’s good be boardroom ready. That means ready to hold your own in a conversation with senior leaders in your company and elsewhere. The first time I taught a group of big-company (this was a major airline) head honchos I was quite surprised with how informal they […]


3 Tips to Be a More Likable Leader

May 26, 2020

Leadership is clearly a useful career skill. It comes easier to some people than to others. Less obvious it’s also true that likability is a useful career skill that is also easier for some people. Like with so many things in the news, we assume a false dichotomy. Leaders are thought to be either decisive […]