Is Your Message in High Resolution?

October 22, 2018

Make your message high resolution so that people better understand what you’re saying and what you want them to do. I learned it from a top writer, Alexandra Franzen. A message works to the degree that it resonates with the audience. While you already know to be audience specific, sometimes it’s hard to know exactly […]


Do You See Yourself The Way Others See You?

October 15, 2018

Look back on the last few “important” conversations you’ve had and ask yourself if the people you encountered were upbeat. Did they accept the points you were trying to make? If they did, congratulate yourself because their reactions function as a mirror telling you what  they understood, what they questioned, and whether they trust you. […]


5 Signs of Strong Leadership Potential

October 8, 2018

You can listen by clicking below.       How do you see leadership potential in someone who has never managed people before? Leadership starts with leading oneself. Leaders understand respect long before they are officially recognized as leaders. Unlike credibility, respect is not domain specific. Respect is defined as: esteem for the excellence of […]


Catalyst Conversations Move You Forward with FREE worksheet

October 1, 2018

If you prefer to listen click below.   Want to change something in your life? What conversation can start that process? Think of it as a catalyst conversation. Everything you want comes to you through people. That means you need to communicate well with the right people, whether you know them or not. You may […]


Communication Skills Solve 3 Annoying “People” Problems

September 24, 2018

If you prefer you can listen to this post: Communication problems often masquerade as people problems. It’s all too easy to hide behind the problems of “difficult” people, rather than courageously improving your own communication skills. Communication skills can’t solve EVERYTHING, but they are as necessary to success in life as speed is to a racer. Soft […]