Creative Tribe Building

November 18, 2019

We human beings are meant to live in community. The novelty is that today, technology allows us to construct our tribe, rather than being born into some caste with all its limitations.  Hopefully, your family is at the center of your tribe and you build it out from there. It can feel a bit like sewing […]


Communicating Change

October 19, 2019

How to Talk About Change I find it curious that people ask me if I work with “change management”. I used to reply “no,” then I realized I was wrong, wrong wrong. Change is omnipresent and that’s the reason people hire me as a coach or invest in a communication skills workshop…in case you were […]


7 Boardroom Ready Conversation Starters

September 23, 2019

No matter what your place in the organization, it’s good be boardroom ready. That means ready to hold your own in a conversation with senior leaders in your company and elsewhere. The first time I taught a group of big-company (this was a major airline) head honchos I was quite surprised with how informal they […]


Add Value To Amplify Your Visibility

August 19, 2019

“You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people to get what they want.” Zig Ziglar The math is simple: #1.   Merely doing the work = getting more work to do while others get (or take) the credit. #2.   Getting recognition = getting promoted/hired away. Getting recognition doesn’t […]


How To Disagree at Work without Making Too Many Enemies in the Process

August 9, 2019

It’s kind of weird following up a webinar on likability (SLIDES are here) with insight on how to say “no” at work. But even likable leaders have to say “no” and say it often.  Disagreeing with a decision, or direction (especially when coming from above), carries risk. If not done properly, your well-thought out arguments […]