Avoid the #1 Mistake in Presentations

January 12, 2019

For some of you, school is already underway again; here it starts one week from today. Somehow, the return to classes cranks a lot of other activities into motion. I think that’s why I’m getting more requests for help with presentations these days. Ironically, the explosion in communication channels only makes the formal, face-to-face communication event even more critical than it was. There’s more pressure to get the message across and connect during that half-hour presentation or interview.


The Party You Must Never Attend

January 7, 2019

  Although invitations to them remain appealing and well-deserved, attending your own pity party is actually a death wish. When one of my private clients showed up an hour late for his training session, I felt really ticked off. Although I knew he was a physician and therefore seldom in real control of his own […]


Is It Time to Change Your LinkedIn Picture?

December 31, 2018

In preparing for a New Year, having chosen “amplify” as my professional word for 2019, I was reading up on executive presence for an upcoming 5-day email challenge. That search led me to best practices for LinkedIn, which we know includes having a solid headshot. Which I have had now for some time. Or so […]


Get Inspired with My Favorite 5 TEDx Talks plus 2 more

December 17, 2018

Listen here.   Ted Tanner, brainiac and CTO of Pokitdok, refers to the learning platform,┬áCoursera, as “potato chips for the mind.” I see his point but for me, it’s more than potato chips. Since offers both online┬ácourses and degree programs, you’re in control of selecting appetizers, desserts, or full course meals. While I’m not […]


Trust Is Rocket Fuel for Your Career & Fan Base

December 10, 2018

Trust is rocket fuel for your career advancement. Trust is why high performers value Executive Presence; your presence is what causes people to trust you early in the relationship. With a hyper-mobile and scattered work force, to build trust is to build your own personal fan base (aka “social capital”) that supports you in any […]