3 Tips to Be a More Likable Leader

May 26, 2020

Leadership is clearly a useful career skill. It comes easier to some people than to others. Less obvious it’s also true that likability is a useful career skill that is also easier for some people. Like with so many things in the news, we assume a false dichotomy. Leaders are thought to be either decisive […]


What Excellent Leader Communication Looks Like

May 19, 2020

It’s common for my clients to be told they need to improve their communication skills. Problem is, they don’t even know how to begin that process, or what exactly that looks like. A leader has three basic communication jobs: Instruct, Inform, Inspire. Excellent communication has a lot to do with the way people feel around […]


What Keeps Top Performers OUT of Senior Leadership Positions

April 23, 2020

You can have credentials and accomplishments up the wazoo, but if you don’t have a strong and clear Point of View, you’re still a credentialed and accomplished worker bee, not an industry leader. Problem is, clear Points of View can also get you in trouble. A participant in last week’s Executive Presence Challenge shared how […]


What You Need to Know to Communicate with Anyone

April 16, 2020

4 Basic Communication Styles Science confirms many obvious claims like doing homework leads to better grades; women are attracted to musicians and adapting to the communication style of your audience improves communication. Are you familiar with Gary Chapman’s 5 Love Languages? They help you know the best way to show you care about people because […]


BetterUp: An Interesting Company Culture

April 2, 2020

The BetterUp Culture Story Based in San Francisco, a start-up, known as BetterUp, is the first leadership development platform to connect coaching to sustainable behavior change. The company has the noble mission to enable all professionals to live with greater clarity, purpose, and passion. They work toward this mission by offering a video-based coaching platform […]