3 Tips to Be a More Likable Leader

August 1, 2019

Leadership is clearly a useful career skill. It comes easier to some people than to others. Likability is also a useful career skill that is also easier for some people. Playing golf is another useful career skill…. oops I don’t know anything about golf. Leaders are thought to be decisive (and authoritarian) or likable (and […]


It’s National Talk in an Elevator Day!

July 26, 2019

Have a cheery conversation to celebrate. Make a new friend. Ask a different question. Happy National Talk in an Elevator Day is a communication holiday designed to encourage people to talk to each others, instead of getting lost in their devices. If you feel awkward meeting new people, contact Mixonian Institute and we can coach […]


Believe It or Not, Communication Can’t Fix Everything

July 17, 2019

Skill in communication cannot fix slow internet. Or a two-day delivery that takes three days. Or the lack of vegan options in your favorite pizzeria. Nevertheless, communication skill makes the difference between landing the job or not; getting the promotion, or not; making your business viable, or not. 10 Ways Communication Acts as Your Secret […]


4 Things to do Before a Difficult Conversation

June 25, 2019

We need to have these conversations, even if they are difficult. If you don’t feel like you can hold a difficult or challenging conversation, you are not ready for leadership. The 4 Things Are… Joseph Grenny, co found of VitalSmarts and author of numerous books, wrote “4 Things To Do Before a Tough Conversation” for […]


Sometimes It’s Not Your Fault

June 18, 2019

Meaning the conversation fail is not always your fault…you can influence people through conversation but you cannot control them. Learn from leadership coach Nathalie Gregg’s (#leadloudly) conversation fail and what she learned from it. Listen to this episode to learn what Columbia, South Carolina’s leading leadership coach has to say about conversations that fail and […]