BOSS Communication Coaching Program

June 4, 2019

Sign-ups available June 3 – June 10, 2019 BOSS Communication! Welcome to the BOSS Communication Coaching Program Communicate like a BOSS! Boost your professional influence Optimize your personal strengths Speak up with sincere confidence Sell your ideas & solutions Want 1:1 private coaching with me to upgrade your life, business, income, confidence, or all of […]


Jocelyn’s True Life Train Wreck Conversation with a Client

June 1, 2019

Sometimes when you’re in this situation, don’t feel like you have to resolve it at that moment. It’s perfectly fine. Take a time out so that you can just pull yourself back together. When it’s very emotionally charged your logic and reasoning kind of go out the window.


What You Need to Know to Leave Mediocre Conversations Behind

May 24, 2019

Your success is the product of your conversations. Your daily avalanche of conversations include the best ones (meaning those with yourself), the one-on-ones, the meetings, the chit chat and your presentations. In this Distraction Economy, each conversation is an opportunity to get clarity, to build a relationship, to collaborate, get buy-in, practice accountability, encourage yourself […]


These 3 Phrases Stunt Your Growth

May 18, 2019

Make sure you talk to yourself in a way that builds your sense of agency.


Communication Style and Team Performance

May 12, 2019

4 Basic Communication Styles Science confirms many obvious claims like doing homework leads to better grades; women are attracted to musicians and adapting to the communication style of your audience improves communication. Are you familiar with Gary Chapman’s 5 Love Languages? They help you know the best way to show you care about people because […]