Confident Communicator Skillfully Embezzles $53+ Million

December 3, 2018

During her 20 year tenure as city comptroller of Dixon, IL, Rita Crundwell embezzled more than $53 million of public funds. This moral failure makes her the perpetrator of the largest case of municipal fraud in U.S. history. While forcing staff lay-offs, police budget cuts, and neglect of public infrastructure, she used the funds to create one of […]


Time to Be A Video Star

November 26, 2018

Listen below. It used to be conference calls that moved people. Literally. It was such a call in July, 2009 that moved me from Greenville, NC to Charleston, SC. “Goodbye, ECU. Hello, College of Charleston.” (for a short but sweet time.) By 2018, it’s, “Goodbye, conference calls. Hello, video.” Yes, you too will now become a […]


The Kind of Gratitude that Motivates People

November 19, 2018

Listen to the post:   You might think it’s tacky to frame “gratitude” as a tool for motivating people (including yourself). You could be right, but here’s the Mixonian Institute take on the motivational power of gratitude. Gratitude motivates when it’s SPECIFIC to the person. Saying “good job” is not specific. Start saying, “I appreciate […]


It’s YOUR Job to Manage Your Boss

November 12, 2018

Listen here It’s your job to manage your boss. Bosses can actually be quite handy….if you know how to manage them. When I taught at East Carolina University, I had 7 different bosses over 9 years. Quite an interesting experience to have one boss after another come in and exit, come in and exit. I think that’s when I […]


Serendipity Is a Superpower You Can Cultivate

November 5, 2018

Listen here: EVERYTHING YOU WANT comes to you through people. Serendipity is the fruit of developing relationships with interesting people, built on trust and mutual respect. Think about how you met the love of your life, how you got the job you now have and the last time you had an unexpectedly fantastic time. I […]