The First Rule About Phone Calls

March 1, 2009

You probably already know this, but as your communication coach, I remind you that there is one fundamental rule to calling people. Following this rule does not guarantee you’ll get what you want from the other person, but not following this rule guarantees you’re chances of connecting with the other person are a lot lower.

Ask for permission to talk.


101 Things You Really Need to Know About Communication

February 15, 2009

Here’s my 6 years of graduate school, in a blog post. 😉

1. Communication is the key to success.

2. Everything about you communicates….something.

3. You cannot not communicate.

4. The medium is the message. (Marshall McLuhan)

5. Words are only 7% of the message.

6. Communication co-creates reality.

7. Communication is the transfer of emotion. (Seth Godin)

8. People appreciate your being clear.

9. What you really gain through good communication is authentic connection with people.


What’s New in Communication?

January 29, 2009

Communication is a complex affair. It’s not like 1 + 1 = 2. There are so many variables in play, most of which are invisible.

There’s never a perfect presentation or letter; but there are plenty of effective messages.

The interesting part about communication today is that many factors are converging to present new challenges, either related to new technology, or to globalization.

What’s new in communication? Here’s a partial list:


The Latest E-mail Check List

January 16, 2009

Keep in mind that the average worker receives 200 emails each day. You may get more than that. So, remember when you’re sending a business-related email, it’s one of at least 200 your recipient is going to have to deal with today. Before hitting send on that next email, go over the items on this list, just to be sure:

1. Is it going to just one person? (If yes, jump to #4.)

2. Since it’s going to a group, think about who all is on the mailing list. Does everyone really want to be included?


What Are Communication Skills, Anyway?

January 13, 2009

This post is for those who wonder what it really is that communication experts do for others. Probably you were taught to say what you mean and mean what you say. And that’s an excellent way to live, but it’s not enough to get your message across.

Here’s a list of work-related communication skills:

– working on teams or committees

– teaching others

– dealing with customers

– leading

– negotiating

– working with people across cultures

– interviewing

– listening