Big Mistake Presenters Make: TMI

March 13, 2009

TMI (or “too much information”) is everywhere and is a major reason presentations fail.

A lot of presenters shoot out their information like paint balls in a massive onslaught of battle. The audience reacts by ducking for cover. Don’t bombard your audience, you want to engage them. Your listeners are people, too. And, just like you, they have a lot on their minds.


The Meaning of Birthday Gifts

March 4, 2009

Yesterday, Christina, who’s celebrating a birthday today, asked me why people get gifts on their birthdays. As she gets older, she’ll learn not to ask a communication scholar something like that.

To help justify our spending enormous amounts of time and money in pursuing a PhD in Communication, we love to look for multiple levels of meaning in every human encounter….even “Do you want fries with that?” may have nuances of oppression that you never thought about before.

So, why do we give people gifts on their birthdays?


How to Rock Your Next Interview

March 2, 2009

You could be preparing for a job interview, and maybe it’s been a while. Maybe you’re getting in touch with former clients to see if you can win them back to your business. Or, perhaps, you’re just putting yourself out there to build your business.

What I’m about to share with you works best when you’re already known at some level. Someone has already recommended you, or the HR people have greenlighted your resume and you’ve made the first or second cut. So, you don’t want to bore people with information that’s on your resume or product brochure.


The First Rule About Phone Calls

March 1, 2009

You probably already know this, but as your communication coach, I remind you that there is one fundamental rule to calling people. Following this rule does not guarantee you’ll get what you want from the other person, but not following this rule guarantees you’re chances of connecting with the other person are a lot lower.

Ask for permission to talk.


101 Things You Really Need to Know About Communication

February 15, 2009

Here’s my 6 years of graduate school, in a blog post. 😉

1. Communication is the key to success.

2. Everything about you communicates….something.

3. You cannot not communicate.

4. The medium is the message. (Marshall McLuhan)

5. Words are only 7% of the message.

6. Communication co-creates reality.

7. Communication is the transfer of emotion. (Seth Godin)

8. People appreciate your being clear.

9. What you really gain through good communication is authentic connection with people.