5 More Ways to End Email Drama

July 22, 2008

As you pay close attention to these email guidelines, you’ll see how to make your own email messages more readable and easily understood. This is continued from the July 20 post on email for a total of 10 Ways to End Email Drama.


5 Ways to More Effective Email

July 20, 2008

Ever hit the “reply” button when you meant to hit the “forward” button?

Of course you’re familiar with email drama. Perhaps you got yourself involved in one yourself, where the misinterpretation of a message, or one that got sent to the wrong person, spun off into a totally unproductive soap opera segment.

First of all remember everything you write can be used against you, even by someone you never met. Second of all, don’t take your received messages so seriously!


What A Great Boss Looks Like

July 17, 2008

Well….this picture was not taken at work, but Maria Luisa is a fantastic boss. It has nothing to do with her being beautiful or chic.


Edit Down Your Presentation to What Your Audience Needs

June 21, 2008

This “Fish Story” comes from Garr Reynolds’ Presentation Zen, a book you must read if you make presentations. There is a link to his web site on the left.

Here is the story:

When Vijay opened his store, he put up a sign that said, “We Sell Fresh Fish Here.” His father stopped by and said that the word “We” suggests a emphasis on the seller rather than the customer, and is really not needed. So the sign was changed to “Fresh Fish Sold Here.”


Men and Women process language differently

June 12, 2008

This post is by Dr. Cindy Brown, “The Relationship Strategist.”

One of the things I have learned that is most interesting to me is the difference in how men and women process language, speak and listen differently.

While women process words, language instantly and think and process out-loud as they are rapidly talking (and maybe multi-tasking too), men tend to process feelings, words and language in their heads and more carefully choose their words instinctively in their heads first before they open their mouth to speak, as if their life depends on it.